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prettypapers's Journal

Living in a Paper Doll World
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This comm is solely for talking about and posting pictures of Paper Dolls.
This is for posting pictures of paper dolls or talking about paper dolls. Paper dolls include online dress up dolls, store bought paper dolls, homemade paper dolls, Kiss dolls, dress up dolls, etc. This does not include Barbies or that sort of doll but does include paper crafts and paper models.

Ideally in this community we will post good quality scans of our dolls and paper crafts to share with each other.

Please do not post links to other communities repeatedly. Once is enough.

Please treat each other respectfully. Do not post rude comments about other people or their images. If you post images which are not your own, do not take credit for them.

Some fun links :

http://paperdollreview.com/ Paper Doll Review

http://otakuworld.com/kiss/ The Big Kiss

http://marilee.us/paperdolls.html Marilee's paper dolls

http://www.disneyexperience.com/models/models1.php The Disney Experience paper models